Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Joy of a Woman and the Joy of a Man

The Essence of a Man is that he lives for meaning. He wants to know that what he is doing makes a difference. A woman is not the same. She lives for Hope. She wants to know that her tomorrow is different than her today. That is why they endure pregnancy better than men. That is why adultery hurts them but they are better able to forgive because hope is everything to them. When a husband fails his wife, her hope is destroyed. When he owns the wound, learning about who a woman really is and his soul DNA is changed through the process she grows in hope. When a woman cheats on a man, his wound is related to the fact that his love did not count for anything.

Husbands - watch over your wife's hope. When are you taking her to that weekend get away? Plan it, let her know about it and then do it.

Wives - watch over your husband's sense of meaning and purpose related to what he provides and does for you and the kids. Celebrate his faithfulness to you, to provide, to nurture the children and to grow himself. Tell him that his love for you as great meaning in your life. Tell him that his going to work day after day has great meaning to you. Over-emphasize your words but do not lie. In speech class they teach you to speak with intensity and to over-emphasize your constants to get your point across. It works well here.

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