Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fear and Feelings

Fear and feelings lurk about seeking someone to devour. Sound familiar? Satan's quickest and most effective path into a Christian soul is through the pathway of the feelings and nurtured fears. The soul secretly nourishes a relationship with fears and the feelings let the fears leak into our mind and emotions, seeking to dominate us.

Fear tells men they are inadequate and causes us to hide, hesitate and generally not show up when we are needed. Most of fatherhood and being a husband is about being there when you are needed. Most of the resources that our wives and children need are brought simply by our presence. In spiritual counseling the secret is quite simple - God shows up. He manifests His presence and people are changed. Fear and feelings are instantly subjected to His presence if the person is a practicing Christian, i.e. worshipping.

Fear tells women that they are not enough. Fear tells women that there is another woman coming who will be enough. I have never seen fear ever help a woman be ready for her husband's failure or recover. I have seen fear prophesy a husband's failure for years and then turn around and say, "I told you so" for years later.

I have also seen faith prophesy a husband's success. I have seen God use a wife's faith and love to restore a husband prophetically before he fell and after he fell. And I have seen her faith protect her beauty all the way through the process. Fear or Faith. Which one talks to you?

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