Psalm for the Day

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


To all my friends that live in Florida.
Please tell the oranges that "Oranges are made to be squeezed."

Imagine the oranges hanging on the tree, excited about being some of the best oranges that have ever been. Yet someone needs to tell them, Oranges are made to be squeezed. The only way to get orange juice from oranges is the oranges have to be squeezed.

I know this is a minor point but God used this in my life the other day. Christians are a lot like oranges - to get that which is within them out, God has to let them be squeezed. Some oranges are very insecure about what is in them, but God is not. He knows the sweetness and beautiful aroma that is trapped within the shell. A little pressure and wonderful, flavorful juice flows out of the person's life to enrich those around them.

Let God squeeze your heart and you will be pleasantly surprised at what comes out! After all, He places the juice within us through His own Holy Spirit.

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