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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Wow, do we hate the word Repent. But I am not sure we know what it means. There are two aspects to the word.

1. Repent - turn away FROM something. Stop doing something. Or stop not doing something. There is some behavior, thought or attitude that God desires that we stop immediately.

2. Repent - turn TO something. It is always about turning toward God. Most of us are very, very good about knowing what we are supposed to STOP doing and what we need to START doing. But very few of us are rightly related to what we are supposed to be turning to. It is always God. When I ask you the question, What is God convicting you about? What is your answer?...

If you stated anything about doing, or behavior or actions then you are probably wrong. I want you to think about a child that you love, perhaps your own or a grandchild or niece or nephew. What is the one thing you want them to know, to be convicted about when they think about you? I know the answer - that you love them. That your love for them is a settled issue. God's heart aches for you to be convicted about HIS love for you. The whole of 1 John is about God's love for you, how HIS love changes you and allows you the grace to love others.

Satan is in heaven 24/7/365 without days off, accusing you before the Father. See Revelation 12. He is brutal in his accusation and his facts are correct. But he does not proclaim the TRUTH. While the facts of the sin and sins are true, the BLOOD OF CHRIST covers them and you are forgiven. So many times we are far more familiar with Satan's accusations than we are with the heart of our Father. Listen for HIS love and REPENT! Turn away from those worthless things and turn toward the FATHER who loves you completely. HE will save you and HE will bring you home. Trust HIM.

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