Psalm for the Day

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What do you trust? Name brands? The Government? Your parents? God?

What would I have to do to earn your trust? What would I have to do to lose your trust?

We keep our trust cards very, very close to our chest. Sometimes we keep them so close we do not know who or what we are really trusting.

Trust drives our economy, trust allows marriages to work, families to grow, jobs to be created and maintained. Trust allows doctors to do surgery, banks to lend money, soldiers to risk their lives.

Do we trust God? Do we even want to? How can you trust Someone you have not seen? If someone sent you a letter from overseas and asked you to send all of your money, your spouse and your children to a certain address, would you do it? NO! Say for example, that you had built a relationship with the person over time and you grew to trust them somewhat. Yet you had not seen them. Would you still send the money? NO! Maybe some, but not all. Yet God demands all of everything we have. HE wants to be first. Perhaps we know HIM better than we imagine and we chose to doubt because it is more familiar and comfortable than raw, real faith. Relationships revolve around trust. God knows our hearts trust HIM because HIS Spirit is present in our hearts. It is our minds and feelings that encourages us to doubt. Let us become a faith people who abandons our minds and feelings to the altar of our heart. Let us be as wise as serpents in the ways of the world and the ways of the mind yet let us remain as innocent as doves in relation to our families and friends.


  1. Nice Blog. I didn't realize your were doing this in a pretty current fashion. Rock on man. Be encouraged, this stuff is awesome!

  2. God bless you, Art. Your life is helping me write this stuff.