Psalm for the Day

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Repentance and Rest are your salvation. Naomi prayed for Ruth that God would grant her rest in her husband's house. God's design is that daughters would go from the rest of their father's house to the rest of their husband's house and die in the rest at their son's house. A father is to win his daughter's heart by knowing her heart better than she does and she gives him her heart before she is awaken as a teenager. Tori once was asked Why don't you have a boyfriend? She responded, Why do I need one? I have Dad. She had given me her heart as a little girl and I have proven more faithful with her heart, knowing her heart than she has. That trust produces a rest.

Has God earned that right for you to give HIM your heart? I know you are a Christian and have already given HIM your heart but HE is desiring to take you to another place, a deeper place. HE wants you to freely give HIM your heart because HE has been more faithful with your dreams, heart aches and desires than you have been.

Repent and give HIM your heart, your understanding. Shut up your mind and rest. Let HIM bring the rain and sunshine to you. The rest of Isaiah says that quietness and trust are your strength. Be still and rest, repent (move away from the fear, the facts and the feelings and move toward God) through being quiet and trust.

When you rest and trust in the midst of a great storm because you are focused on God, you bring HIM great joy. Let your roots sink deep in faith, let your branches rise high in praise and let your leaves spread wide to cover the children below and the seeds of your faith will bless the generations to come. The rains are coming. Rest in HIM.

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  1. HI Rod - I'm reading - just not posting, but will say, I really like the thought "rest from my fathers house" (check), to "rest in my husband's house" (check), to "rest in my son's house" (not checked - but something to pray & trust God about)