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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Real Man

I have yet to see a real man who has become a real man without having significant mentors and significant peers and significant disciples.

I see some good men who have had great mentors but have no peers and no disciples. The fizzle in the soda. Shake it and its gone. UGH!

I see some good men who have had great mentors and great peers but have not poured their lives into disciples to the point where the disciples rise up and raise them. True disciples mature and eventually become your peers and then your mentors. Your submission to their heart keeps you out of the grey areas that finish off old men. The path is very, very narrow in old age and the ditches are very steep. Only great disciples will keep you out of the ditches.

Find a mentor who is willing to disciple you. Ask him and then follow him. There is one who came to my office and has told me he needs to learn from me. Ok, here is what I want you to do. A week later, nothing. Done. You cannot disciple a man who is not desperate to grow. Herod would take John the Baptist out of his prison and have him preach to him of the coming judgment. They get close but no cookie. Boys in men's bodies and wonder why their wives and soon their children have no respect for them. Old men who do not know how to receive instruction. Undid Solomon and will undo any man, especially old men.

Books can be mentors of sorts but there is nothing like an old man looking you in your face and challenging and encouraging you. Listen to his heart and do everything his heart tells you to do. Most mentors are good for a hot two years. After that, be careful. You will pick up their weaknesses as well as strengths.

Find peers who look like you want to look like. Commit to helping them grow and to letting them help you grow. If they are not growing get them out of your life. No mercy. Ministry, yes. Friendship NO!!! You will become like your friends every time. No time for fools.

When a young man comes up to you and asks you to help him, listen to his heart. What is he asking for? Guide him, be honest. If he is faithful to your heart then you have inherited a son. Raise him and he will raise you.

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