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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Soul Must Die

The soul is what I call the mind, the will and the emotions. When the soul bonds together it speaks a voice, a voice of "I AM". It is a quiet, lying whisper. The Soul that sins must die. This bond, this soul identification now must be removed from the believer. The believer must allow their soul to be crucified again and again.

The soul will never, ever give up the voice of "I AM". Make the young person successful and life will even testify to the quiet whisper and the person will believe they are a god.

In ten years of ministry at a well to do North Dallas church I met men and women who thought they were God or at least a god or equal to God. They were young, very successful and believed that they had earned their god-status. I envied them and wanted to be like them, at least my soul did. I wanted them to admire me like they admired each other for their success and god-like qualities. It seemed like everything they did became successful. Except for their relationships.

In a black church you don't have to tell a brother he is not God. Perhaps the suffering has written God's name on his heart and spirit. Yet something is changing in the new generation of young African American men. We are losing something and it is going to hurt all of America.

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