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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Two Great Principles Parents Pass on

The great lessons that children catch from their parents are directly related to their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Repentance and Forgiveness.

Good, clean, repentance makes all the difference in the world.
1. Own it. You did it. It was yours and you did it. Don't blame it or shame it on others. You may have been influenced by someone else but you are the one who did it.

2. Own the consequences. God forgives the sin completely. In other words, your relationship with Him is perfectly restored and we enjoyed renewed fellowship and communion. However, there are spiritual and physical consequences for our sin. God tempers these for our growth but He does not remove them.

3. Own the damage done to the other person. Reconciliation can take place if you own the wounds that you have caused on the other's person's heart. You may never fully understand how you have hurt their heart but you know that you have hurt them. Own the hurt and the scar. I have done things to my wife and children that they remember years later. The stain of what I did is gone and forgiven yet the scar remains. On some days the scar is tender.

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