Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Are you a witness?

Have you seen the glory of God with your own eyes? The eyes of your heart? Have you had a fresh vision of His presence in your life recently?

I have been asking Him for a fresh vision of Him and He has been wonderfully gentle and wise and kind to lead me into His presence. It is like I am becoming aware of His presence and power in my life in a new way but there is really nothing new about it, maybe a better word would be "Fresh".

My Father and God. I delight in Your Presence and Your Power and Your Authority. Thank You for Your continued patience, mercy and grace with me, your son and servant. Thank You for continuing to humble with Your presence. Help me to abide in Your presence and not let the things of the world distract me from You and Your things that You are doing in my life. 

Grant me the grace, please, of instant obedience to the conviction of Your Holy Spirit. Grant unto me the complete response to the conviction of Your Word as well and to also the conviction that comes through a right relationship with Your Body here on the earth. I recognize that I am wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked without You. You have chosen to Agape Grip my heart with Your heart. I surrender to You unlimited and unconditional access to my heart, my life, my future and everything about me.

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