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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Friends with my kids

Just learned something. I need to develop hobbies with each of my kids. And together as a family. We function together well but that does not keep the bond up after they graduate. I commented to Andrew that most of his friends will not be friends after he graduates unless he has developed hobbies outside of their function as students at the same university.

I applied this to my life. The friends, good ones, I have left behind have been left because we did not have a relationship outside of whatever function we had together. Hahn Germany? Security Police or Hahn Baptist Church. We functioned together and then left. We rejoined some later in Titusville to build a ministry to affect the world. Then when that failed we all fell apart.

As an extended family we used to play Peanuts. A crazy card game.  It was a lot of fun to introduce new people to the game. And it got passed on.

If Luke, my youngest, and I develop a hobby together we will have something for later once the normal function of the parenting situation matures. When he has children, I will begin to function as a grandparent and that will help our bond.Yet a hobby will help develop the relationship as well.

This works with Gabi and I. We work Tres Dias together. A lot of hard work, fun and ministry. Together. Not as a function of our marriage or family. A distracting bond outside of the duty of marriage and family. We get to know each other on a different level. And in the fall of 2013 she gets to be my boss!!! I think that she has been waiting for that for a long time!

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