Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jesus Face

I just saw Jesus. I just saw Jesus' face. I just saw what Jesus looked like when He was on the cross dying for my sins.

A father was betrayed by his daughter. They came to see me to reconcile their relationship. She was open and honest about her damage to her father's heart. He was open and honest about the pain and grief. Right in the midst of his crying, I told her to look into his face, her dad's face. That was how Jesus looked when He was dying on the cross for her sins. 

There was no anger in his face. None. The pain of his heart was evident by the tears and groaning. The love was evident because he could not take his eyes off her face. His longing was for her to see the pain, let the pain soak into her, become a part of her; let His scar be placed upon her heart to keep her safe in the future. He longed for her to share His scar, let them become One together in their woundedness over her sin. He did not want to push her away, He wanted to invite her to join Him in their grief. I was surprised over the lack of anger. Her open heart quickly dissipated His need for anger and His heart quickly moved toward her. As she responded with tears and allowed her to expose the lies that she believed as she treasured her soul greater than she treasured His heart. 

After the session, I reflected on the dad's face. That is what Christ looks like when I sin, when He suffers for me and my actions. I am still surprised by the lack of anger. I expected anger. I have used anger in the past to communicate my hurt. But here I did not see any, not even a trace. 

NOTE: This father and daughter came to see me a long time ago. These are notes from the encounter.

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